Share Together

Together 2016

Share Together

Nick Hall, Sammy Rodriguez, Ravi Zacharias, Jeremy Camp

Nick Hall starts off this segment by talking about the Together app. Jo Saxton and Sammy Rodriguez lead the Scripture reading session. Josh McDowell talks about the sexual abuse he endured in his childhood and shares how God healed him emotionally and made him a blessing. Nabeel Qureshi shares his salvation testimony. Dr. Ravi Zacharias gives a thought stirring message on Jesus being the savior. Jose Zayas, Josh Brewer, Bob Lenz Reid and students shares their personal testimonies and lead the gathering in prayer. Saunders encourages people to actively share their faith with friends. Dick Eastman teaches on how to share the Gospel of Christ effectively. Worship led by Jeremy Camp, Christine D'clario and Lauren Daigle.

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