Apocalypse & the End Times

Join world news expert, Paul McGuire for another episode of GOD TV’s popular series that examines current events in the light of Bible prophecy.

Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire

The host of Apocalypse and the End Times, Paul McGuire is an internationally recognised prophecy expert. He has written 29 books including ‘A Prophecy For The Future of America,  ‘The Day The Dollar Died,’ and The Babylon Code. Paul hosted the US syndicated radio series, the Paul McGuire Show for many years and is a well-known commentator on Fox News and CNN. He has also produced feature films and has been professor at The King's College, where he teaches on ‘Israel and Armageddon.’ Paul McGuire currently hosts the radio program, The Paul McGuire Report. You can contact Paul at http://www.paulmcguire.us

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